There are numerous people that have influenced my life. These five people have contributed to my life as a whole by being loving, understanding, and compassionate.

Mommy: Tammie Samuel is a very strong person and on any account, you will never see her weaknesses. She has been the very heart and soul of the person I am today. She shows me unconditional love and is always my biggest motivator and supporter. I can truly say that mom is my life teacher. Everything she has taught me, has helped me prepare for life and the future ahead. My mom continues to impact my life because I look at how strong she is and it keeps me striving for success.

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Dad: My dad is the goofiest person you can meet. At any given day he can turn your frown into a smile. I can honestly say that my dad has a great influence on my life because he showed me what not to do in life. I know this maybe weird, but my dad has gone through so many obstacles in his life that it has influenced me to want better and be better in life. He has also taught me to smile through it all and no matter what, try to enjoy life. He continues to impact my life because I am now his biggest motivator to stay on the right path.

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Grandma Sam: My grandmother is not your typical grandmother. She hates staying at home but enjoys traveling, shopping, and is all about family. She has taught me the true meaning and value of family and to never let anyone come between it. My family is very close because of my granny. Granny and I always spent time together on the weekends, either shopping or going to the movies. I love our one on one time together. She is the heart of the family and she continues to impact  my life because I know materialistic things don’t make a family, but love does.

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My Sisters: Areius, Acqualen and I are sisters and I am the youngest. These two have such a great impact on my life because I always wanted to be like them when we were little. They showed me how to do everything. They are caring, funny, and amazing friends. They are always there as listening ears with positive advice. When we were little, they always taught me to never let anyone pick on me, they were my protectors and still are. They continue to influence me by showing me what being an adult is all about. I love the bond that we share.

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